Social Media Ads

Ad campaigns are used to get your brand in front of Facebook users that are not attached to your actual Facebook page. We can develop custom audiences and attempt to match them to your offer based on their geography or interests. Apsos will conduct the following steps:

  • Using your feedback, Apsos will develop an ideal audience type and geography to target your campaign
  • Facebook Ad creatives will be developed by Apsos and will attempt to utilize platform native techniques (a facebook ad should not be exactly the same as a banner ad or a piece of direct mail)
  • If needed, Apsos can develop a landing website page for you directly related to the promo topic, as well as install a “facebook pixel” for proper tracking
  • Apsos provides a dedicated facebook ad specialist to routinely monitor and improve the campaign, improving your frequency, relevancy, and spend efficiency
  • Campaign will operate on the Facebook bidding system per click (not per impression)
  • Facebook ads can be extended naturally into Instagram if the topic and creative fits

Facebook Campaign Types

Pure Ad Campaign

A pure ad campaign does not rely on any existing Facebook pages or properties owned by your company. The ads are created and distributed via Facebook’s ad network and show up either in user’s social feeds or sidebar placement. These campaigns are usually best to attract audiences that may not already know your brand.

Social Media Ads on Instagram

Instagram isn’t appropriate for every industry. The audience tends to skew younger and is generally more interested in products rather than services. That being said, it is easy to add on an Instagram element to Facebook campaigns. We’ll work with you to determine if this is a good avenue to explore.

Boosted Post Campaign

A boosted post campaign works off of an existing Facebook page. Posts are created on your page itself and they will remain there even after the campaign is complete. The post can be boosted to your existing network, your network + their friends, or a unique and unrelated network based on set algorithmic parameters. These campaigns are best used if you are reaching out to your existing network or trying to increase user “stickiness” (people who will continue to interact with your brand).

Retargeted Ad Campaign

When an individual visits your website it’s possible to place a “cookie” on that user that marks them as a visitor. Then, using Facebook’s campaign creation tools, we can serve ads regarding your service and/or products to those same people, reinforcing what they saw earlier when they visited your site. Retargeting campaigns should be used gently and intelligently, otherwise people will feel watched and harassed.

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