Review Building

Users care about reviews. So do search engines. Increase your review count to protect yourself and improve your SEO.

Apsos Media has a proprietary system of review building that combines personal touch with automated precision. Here’s how it works:

  1. We print up review postcards for you to leave with customers
  2. We follow up with our email system to solicit reviews
  3. We alert you to questions or complaints

How it works

  • We set up a review landing page on your website. That landing page has a 5-star rating system. Negative reviews are captured in a contact form and positive reviews are sent to Google for completion.
  • We set up an easy-to-type redirect page, such as When typed, this url redirects into Google’s pop-up review page, reducing friction and increasing conversions.
  • We develop a leave-behind postcard for techs to give to qualified customers. Postcard design and 50 units are complimentary. Additional fees may apply for additional orders of postcards.
  • You provide customer email and names on a shared spreadsheet. Our review specialist uses those contacts to craft real emails (not automated spam emails). We follow up a total of three times if needed using our review confirmation system.
  • We monitor and report on review growth.

“The Apsos approach is the best of old school and new school. We use the postcards so that techs can easily lead customers to the review page. Apsos also follows up with email. Our review growth has been very noticeable.”
– Ryan Ott

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