Google Local Services

Our setup and on-going management of Google Local Services ensures that your profile stays up-to-date, accurate, and running smoothly.

How Does Google Local Services Work?

  • Potential customers search Google for relevant services in your area
  • They see your listing (ideally before they see your competitors)
  • They call the tracking number supplied by Google
  • Your administrative staff receives the lead and mark it as either “Accepted” or “Rejected” in the GLS system
  • Google charges you $23-$27 (on average) for the lead

Our GLS Setup Service

Google Local Services is an excellent pay-per-lead service that is serving HVAC companies well in your area.

  • We provide a quick Q&A to get your pertinent company data
  • We set up your initial GLS profile and put you on the fastest track to approval
  • We setup your profile for background checks and lead your team through the process
  • We develop your primary geographic areas and services
  • We launch the program and instruct your administrators on how to use it
  • We provide monthly maintenance and upkeep. If you utilize our review building system, we can also manage your “verified reviews” in GLS which helps your GLS rank.

Our Continuing GLS Support Service

Google Local Services is a relatively new platform by Google. As such, they are constantly shifting, improving, and tweaking their behavior and interface. For example, Google recently changed the company that executes their background checks, making the process of on-boarding different and potentially confusing for users. Our on-going service provides oversight and support to ensure you are getting the most out of GLS and never getting lost in the shuffle. Our support includes:

  • Additions or subtractions to your desired geography for calls
  • Changes to work hours or business details as needed
  • Monitoring of listing behavior and making corrections where needed
  • Direct phone connection to GLS support if problems arise
  • Utilization of GLS Verified Reviews (when used in conjunction with our review building service)
  • Alerts if too many calls are being missed or remaining stagnant in the “active” column
  • Monitoring of budget and recommendations in order to improve overall lead generation. Budget changes conducted whenever needed.
  • Support from Apsos Google Specialists whenever questions arise

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