Services and Solutions

Our suite of tools will help you grow and manage your company. Whatever you’re struggling with we’ve been through it – that’s why we built GroundWork Technologies. Check out our features below for a further breakdown.

How can we help your business?

Dispatching and invoicing programs are great – we use one too. They focus and excel at enabling service technicians to provide upfront pricing. But they don’t solve the everyday needs of every department in our company. We’ve built tools to answer the needs of HVAC companies, which the typical dispatching program doesn’t solve.

System Builder

You’ve made it through the sales appointment and can tell Mr. & Mrs. Burns are interested. You tell them, “great, all I have to do is work up the proposal in my office and then I’ll email it over.”                                           

Lead Tracker

How is your follow up on sales leads? How is your closure rate and average sale price? No, really – can you measure it?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Dashboard View

Get a snapshot of your most important data at a glance. Salespeople can see their key performance indicators and outstanding leads to follow up on


SPIFF Tracker

SPIFF’s done right, finally. SPIFF Tracker is an easy to use tool for techs, office staff and owners to manage a SPIFF program – with training to actually make it work. They don’t want to “sell”, but they want more pay. Let’s fix that.

Truck Reorder

Your techs have run countless service calls this week. They are running low on a bunch of parts. They’ve been trying to scribble down what they’ve used on paper so they can ask

Call Tracker

Wondering what time you told Mrs. Brady we were going to be there? Who were you supposed to call back? Tired of digging through a pile of post-it notes looking for the customer you spoke to 6 calls ago?      

PO Manager

Don’t let techs go shopping at supply houses on your account, with no accountability. You need PO Numbers. PO Numbers create a date stamp for the job

Product Mix

Want to be a higher end company installing better equipment for more profit margin, fewer call backs and happier customers? Your salesperson needs to offer higher end equipment. You need to know your product mix


Order marketing services like direct mail, review building, and advertising directly from our software without ever having to go to another party website.

Our training process helps your team

We provide training to owners and managers to provide you with the structure, understanding and resources you need to drive your company. We help you grow and manage all departments in your company – everything from increasing sales to streamlining operations. We provide all the tools you need in each department to run from start to finish each day. Here are just a few of our training programs.

Installs 101-401

A complete A-to-Z training for sales covering topics like financing, establishing minimum closure rate, managing multiple sales persons…

Service 101-401

How to provide the highest level of service to every customer, every time. We help you build and manage your service department.


Maintenance 101-401

Learn to calculate maintenance pricing and determine plan benefits, how to implement a CRM, track agreement numbers, and how to…

Admin 101-401

Improving profitability, accounting, invoicing and financing, how to hire a manager and much more.

Sales 101-401

Covering everything from how to use a divisor to how to find the gross profit per man.

Our Marketing services to make your business shine…


Website Upkeep & Maintenance

Like any car or home, a website requires steady upkeep.

SEO Development

Rise in Organic Ranking with Search Engine Optimization

Google Local Services

Google Local Services is an excellent pay-per-lead service.

Google Ads

Skip the line and show up high in Google for your services.

Review Building

Build online reputation and protect against negative reviews.

Social Media Ads

Get your message in front of relevant audiences.

Facebook Page Posts

Create interesting and engaging posts on your Facebook page.

Routine Direct Mail

Direct mail is a great tactic to bring additional awareness to your brand.

What our clients are saying

“[They] helped us completely renovate our marketing. Website, truck wraps, mailers…everything. We’ve gotten $19,000 individual sales purely from internet search since the redevelopment.”

“The team was very responsive to any questions I had throughout. I’m very glad I made the decision to get involved.”

“Ryan was extremely professional and walked me through the process.”

Want to learn more about how GroundWork can help your business?

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