Truck Reorder

Your techs have run countless service calls this week.  They are running low on a bunch of parts. They’ve been trying to scribble down what they’ve used on paper so they can ask the office to reorder at the end of the week.  Then you have to wait to get those parts or drive to the supply house to restock. They wind up on service calls without the parts they need and have to go pick the parts up and come back, losing valuable time for other calls.  Sound familiar?

Truck Reorder lets your techs order parts quick and easily after each service call. They use the PO you assigned with PO Manager and your office can verify that they billed for anything they are requesting.  The office approves with the click of a button and the order is automatically sent to the supply house with the PO, Truck #, Tech & Time Stamp. The parts show up within 24-48 hours, separated by truck #. All of your orders are easily tracked.  Techs are held accountable for their purchases. No more wondering what this part is that showed up. No more wondering if it was reordered or not. No more running calls without the parts you need. Best of all – no navigating a confusing distributor website to reorder – just a simple, categorized and searchable parts list.