System Builder

You’ve made it through the sales appointment and can tell Mr. & Mrs. Burns are interested.  You tell them, “great, all I have to do is work up the proposal in my office and then I’ll email it over.”  Then you walk out the door and the life of a business owner or salesperson takes over – you have calls and emergencies that fill your every waking moment.  A week later, Mr. Burns is calling to ask if the proposal is done, or even worse, you lose the sale.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be the company who gives the customer their options at the appointment easily and get a signature on the spot?  With system builder, it’s that simple.  Build and customize the system with the customer.  AHRI matchup filters are built in. You’ll see the efficiency and the AHRI Number. Generate your proposal flawlessly while making sure you are profitable.  Your pricing is built in and you can manage your profit margin, financing margin and commission.  All of this happens within minutes instead of hours or days.  You can manage all of your leads in Lead Tracker and know who to follow up with, your closure rate and your average sale price. Don’t miss another opportunity to sell on the spot. Need more sales? Use System Builder and Lead Tracker.