SPIFF Tracker

SPIFF’s done right, finally.  SPIFF Tracker is an easy to use tool for techs, office staff and owners to manage a SPIFF program – with training to actually make it work.  They don’t want to “sell”, but they want more pay. Let’s fix that.

How can you interest your technicians to take part in growth of the company?  How can you engage employees to speak with customers to understand their needs and wants and go even further to get them to make recommendations to those customers?  You aren’t a retail store where customers can see everything on the shelf.  Your technicians must be advocates for the products and services you offer and believe in.  That is why performance-based bonuses or SPIFFS exist.  To keep our employees engaged and wanting to drive more – for themselves and the company.  We’ve made the process easy for the technician to submit SPIFFs and keep tabs on everything.  They close a recommendation, then enter it in SPIFF tracker.  The office and managers can review their entries and pay them out.  It allows the technician to take ownership of their performance and their pay.  And it helps you as the owner see top performers and areas for improvement in your crews.