PO Manager

Don’t let techs go shopping at supply houses on your account, with no accountability.  You need PO Numbers. PO Numbers create a date stamp for the job, tie the number to a customer and often directly to a tech. Job Names don’t do that.  We could order on the “Flanders Job” 6 months after it’s finished and the office is unlikely to catch it. But when something is ordered on a PO, we can see where and who that job was for, and the tech assigned to it.  One of your techs orders more parts for “Evergreen Terrace” or “truck stock”. Are you sure that’s where they went? Did you approve the order? Which job was this for? PO Manager enables you to assign PO’s to any service call, install or maintenance appointment.  Your techs can reorder their parts with the PO Number, and your office can verify that those parts were used on that job.