Lead Tracker

How is your follow up on sales leads? How is your closure rate and average sale price? No, really – can you measure it?

So, last year you ran some system replacement leads.  You closed some, you lost some.  You made some money (or so you think).  Looking for more details?  Looking for someplace to see all your pending leads so you can truly have a follow up process without letting opportunities just slip away?  We have that.  Have one place to see your closed leads to follow up on and request referrals to drive the business.  View your key performance indicators – average system sales price, closure rate, number of leads closed, lost or pending all in one place.  Dig a little deeper and see what was quoted to each customer to help handle objections and create additional options.  Track paperwork, warranty registration, and rebate submissions.  Let nothing slip through the cracks so you can capture the most out of every valuable opportunity.