Google Local Services

Google Local Services is an excellent pay-per-lead service that is serving HVAC companies well in your area. Here’s how it works:

  • Potential customers search Google for relevant services in your area
  • They see your listing (ideally before they see your competitors)
  • They call the tracking number supplied by Google
  • Your administrative staff receives the lead and mark it as either “Accepted” or “Rejected” in the GLS system
  • Google charges you $23-$27 (on average) for the lead

A little more about the service we provide:

  • We provide a quick Q&A to get your pertinent company data
  • We set up your initial GLS profile and put you on the fastest track to approval
  • We setup your profile for background checks and lead your team through the process
  • We develop your primary geographic areas and services
  • We launch the program and instruct your administrators on how to use it
  • We provide monthly maintenance and upkeep. If you utilize our review building system, we can also manage your “verified reviews” in GLS which helps your GLS rank.

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