Our History

GroundWork was born from an HVAC company with an obsession to understand “Why?” After a decade of building processes, procedures, and Excel-based tools for our company, we launched GroundWork. Our mission is simple: to help other HVAC dealers. We aren’t a software company attempting to cater to the HVAC industry; we are a training and software company with HVAC in our DNA.

We were tired of asking “Why?” and hearing, “That’s just how things are,” or “It’s an industry standard.” “Why” became the fundamental question driving the development of GroundWork. We don’t give you an answer without an explanation. Instead, we teach you how to arrive at the answer yourself. If you feel like you’re lacking structure, we’ve built all the fundamentals you need to help you run your business.

Dissatisfied with the software and financial training available to the HVAC industry, we’ve set out to make a change and help other businesses in our industry thrive. We looked for years to find a software solution that enabled us to sell at the kitchen table – and, when we couldn’t find exactly what we needed, we created one that offered everything we were looking for.

What our clients are saying

“[They] helped us completely renovate our marketing. Website, truck wraps, mailers…everything. We’ve gotten $19,000 individual sales purely from internet search since the redevelopment.”

“The team was very responsive to any questions I had throughout. I’m very glad I made the decision to get involved.”

“Ryan was extremely professional and walked me through the process.”

Want to learn more about how GroundWork can help your business?

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